We have never been afraid to disrupt our industry, and consider every detail with fresh thinking.

Our products are no different. We know from eight years of on-the-ground experience and half a million haircuts, what our customers actually want – what works, and what doesn’t. We’ve thought long and hard about how to achieve a range that truly delivers on every front – on function, on quality and with style.

We want our customers to take home that confidence we give in our shops.

We use natural and effective ingredients

At the source

Our products are absolutely packed full of beneficial ingredients like sea kelp, bladderwrack, herbal hops, amino acids, vitamins, oils, minerals and nutrients.

It’s an obsession; we defy anyone not to get excited by this stuff. Sourcing fascinating ingredients provided by nature, that work in our products and hugely benefit the hair.

We go on a journey every time.

we trial and test in our laboratory

Mixing things up

We work directly with farmers, chemists and leading manufacturers, building personal relationships with
all our suppliers.

Our laboratory in Central London enables us to trial and test each product ourselves, to make it wholly unique to us. And we don’t stop improving until we are fully satisfied with what we’ve created.

we call on invaluable barber expertise

In the Chair

Our barbers are highly skilled, opinionated folk who like making people happy.

They have contributed tenfold to this range, testing in the barber chair, on our customers, making sure we get the results we want.

Bundled with love

The whole package.

Our designs balance a simple and stylish aesthetic with absolute practicality.

A soft, grey card outer with debossed logo, and barber pole sticker in the Ruffians distinctive yellow and blue, opens to reveal a glossy, waterproof inner container, ideal for longevity in the bathroom.

Where possible all our packaging is recyclable.

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