A celebration of the pageboy haircut for men


Stuff of 1970s nightmares or under-appreciated style classic? Ruffians Soho-Liberty shop manager and barber Betty Lingwood says it time to take a fresh look at the pageboy haircut for men. Over to Betty…

It’s time to celebrate the pageboy cut gentlemen!

Ok calm down, I know you’re having flashbacks to your mum cutting those childhood locks of yours around a pudding bowl next to the kitchen sink. Hear me out – everything deserves a second chance right? The pageboy has grown up since you last knew it, it’s moved out of your mums kitchen and onto the heads of some seriously cool fashion icons.

We’ve all heard of the phrase ‘out with the old, in with the new’ if fashion was a person they would have been held accountable for the birth of this saying. But let’s face it – fashion is one big contradiction, an amazing one at that, but nonetheless one minute it’s in, the next it’s out. Moral of the story? It’s always in, it’s just laying dormant until the opportunity arises to slip onto those freshly printed pages of vogue. In fact, if fashion WAS a person, that person would be the fabulously fierce vogue powerhouse, Anna Wintour. And you know what haircut Anna Wintour rocks? The pageboy people! Now I know what you’re thinking, that’s a bob? Well, swiftly moving onto my next point, one word – versatility.

This pageboy shape was created using a heavy graduation point cutting technique to build up the weight and styled with a diffuser to encourage natural movement which the texturising supports

The pageboy cut is one of the most versatile chops you can wear. Wear it messy and wavy on a Monday, slick, straight and ‘bobbed’ like our Anna on a Tuesday, centre part it like Leonardo DiCaprio on a Wednesday, you get my point, need I say more?

Fine, if you’re still sceptical, let me explain why it’s cool and why you should get your barnet booked in for a restyle. Google pageboy haircut and a bunch of women fill your screen, but fear not – men are rocking this style just as well, arguably better. Take a look around you, 2020 is fast approaching and the line between men’s and women’s fashion is fading fast. Let’s embrace androgyny and bask in all it’s glory.

You read it here first gents, now go forth and pencil in that haircut before a) everyone else does, and b) that infamous saying takes its toll on this exquisite style. Wear it with pride. You won’t regret it.

Ready for your page boy haircut? Whatever style you’re looking for, you’ll be in safe hands with Betty and the team at Ruffians Soho – Liberty! Book an appointment online, in person or over the phone on 020 7573 9988.

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