3 Simple Tricks for a Successful 2018


The new year signals the start of new goals for many of us. We often give a new hairstyle a go, sometimes a new career change or maybe you decide to finally give growing a beard a go. Give it 2 months and most of the goals are out the window, leaving us disappointed and demotivated. Well, fear not. We spoke to Sam Jones, the mastermind behind the genuinely life-changing All In Program: https://www.allin.uk.com/.All In is a tailored personal growth program to build your unique direction and fortify your mind built upon thousands of hours of first hand research from Sam himself.

3 Simple Tricks for a Successful 2018

2018 comes around the corner and everyone takes their goals seriously. It is great to feel the positivity in the air, and the mood that something different is possible.

The problem is, for most, this only lasts a little while.

When the willpower fades and the discipline wains, we find ourselves slipping into our old, familiar habits. We miss out on that golden opportunity to rewire our brain for new, healthier habits that may take us to new places, acquire new skills, or gain better positions in our lives.

Goals then tend to appear unpredictably throughout the year, with a surge of will power, or a change in life circumstanc. Yet again, most feel this fade, and the pattern continues.

I want to give you some absolutely iron-enforced, small steps of how you can create and stick to goals. I have done this with the unemployed. I have done this with well-known public figures. I have done this with Mums and Dads. It works. But it only works if you actually do it.

If you have the discipline to do these small steps, you will start winning more. If you have no interest in picking up a pen within 24 hours of reading this, I’d save your time and go somewhere else. Desire without action is just delusion.

If you are keen to try some (or all) of these, welcome! Read below a few different solid techniques and start in the next 24 hours on at least one of them.

Free write

How often do we take time to really sit down and visualise our future vividly? Free writing will help you achieve this. Write for 15 minutes straight, describing in huge detail your life in 6 months’ time. Describe who you are at this point in time, how you feel, what you have achieved, who is in your life, and your environment. It should be as though you are painting a picture from your mind to the paper. Also, NEVER stop writing. Even to think. This isn’t a Jane Austen novel. You are literally word splurging onto the page. Write from the soul. Everything created in life was a thought in someone’s head once, so make sure your ideas are from deep within.

Ask yourself one simple question

Here’s a quick win. Ask yourself this: “What are the 3 common patterns/obstacles that show up in my life that consistently knock me off achieving my goals?” The answers to these can be external – a resource, skillset, other person – or it can be internal – confidence, work ethic, beliefs. Identify as honestly as you can what keeps stopping you getting what you want. Note that these are the ‘dangers’ in your life, and you must get very, very good at recognising when, and why they show up.

Answer these questions and you have yourself a good goal

Bad goals create bad action that create bad results. Then the circle continues. If you can answer these following questions, you have yourself a good goal. If you don’t, doing it becomes that much harder, and unlikely:

  • What exactly will be accomplished when this goal is complete?
  • Who else do I need to accomplish it?
  • How will I know if I have failed at this goal?
  • What exact resources do I need to achieve this goal?
  • Why is this goal meaningful to me?
  • When will I start this goal?
  • When is it’s deadline?

Now you’ve read these three tools, it’s your time to use them! Remember, you have 24 hours. Maybe post a picture with your results online? You can even tag me in it @samjonestwenty and I’ll take a look. We are always just an action away from more wisdom, so go get some.


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