3 Reasons You Need A Hair Cream

Penny Foster

There’s so many hair products available now, it can get confusing. Here’s 3 reasons why our Hair Cream works for all hair types and all hair needs.

1 – It will smooth and control thick, frizzy and curly hair.

Apply through the lengths and ends of your hair and allow to naturally. As a result, it seals and protects your hair so your hair won’t go frizzy.

2 – It adds volume and control to fine or weaker hair.

Use Ruffians Hair Cream on damp hair and blow dry the product in to get more lift and volume.

3 – It improves the condition of your hair and scalp and adds natural shine.

Our bespoke seaweed blend of bladderwrack, knotted wrack, sea kelp and chlorella strengthens hair, adds vitamins and minerals, and gives support and hold. Vitamin B3 increases suppleness and visual appearance of the hair – think of it as a natural botox!

We were inspired to make this Hair Cream to de-mystify things. There are so many choices now, but you don’t need a million different products to individually address conditioning and de-frizzing and volume and styling – you just need one product that’s capable of achieving a lot. Our Hair Cream.

Have you tried our Hair Cream before? Comment below!

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